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Periwinkle loves Magic… and I bet you do too.  Here’s a few of his favorite tricks… and some links to other great places on the net to learn more.  Have Fun!!!




The Self-Tying Handkerchief

From The Conjurer.Com
A knot instantly ties itself at the end of a handkerchief!




REQUIREMENTS: One cloth handkerchief with a knot tied in one corner.

Tell your friends that you can tie a knot in a handkerchief using only one hand!
   Pull the handkerchief out of your pocket, keeping the knot hidden in your hand (Fig. 1).


 Pick up the opposite corner of the handkerchief with the other hand, and grasp it as in Figure 2.


Snap the handkerchief, releasing the end without the knot. Pick up the hanging end with the other hand as before and repeat, again releasing the end without the knot.
     On the third try, let go of the knotted end as shown (Figure 3), instead of the expected corner. The movement of the hand conceals the switch, and makes this a very baffling effect.






Cut & Restored String

From The Conjurer.Com

A string or rope is cut into two pieces, and then magically restored into one piece!


1.) One piece of heavy string or thin rope
2.) A piece of writing paper.
3.) A pair of good scissors.


     The Cut-and-Restored rope effect is a classic of magic. Prefold a piece of paper before the show so it looks like the paper in Figure 1. When it's time to present the trick, pull out the paper and lay the string in it as shown.


     Fold the top of the paper (section A) down, then fold the bottom of the paper (section C) up. Now for the secret move:

When you fold section C up over section A, use your thumb to catch the string as demonstrated in Figure 2. When you prefold the paper before the show be certain that section A is not so long that it will cover the string.


     Securely grasp the package as in Figure 3, making sure that the view shown in the diagram is seen only by you.


     Cut through the paper, as shown in Figure 4. Cut completely through the paper, dividing it and, presumably, the rope in half. In reality, only the paper is cut in half, the rope is still intact.

     Crumple up the paper, and pull the rope out slowly. It is restored into one complete piece! The paper may be examined, and it will be seen to have been cleanly cut into two halves!






Vanishing Coin Trick

From for Kids



You place a coin and a glass on a table. You cover the glass with a handkerchief and move it over the coin. Remove the hankerchief and the coin has vanished! Cover the glass again, move it away, and the coin has reappeared!

Supplies You Need

  • A clear glass (Ask a parent to pick one you can use. A clear plastic tumbler is best.)
  • Two sheets of construction paper, the same color
  • A pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • A coin
  • A handkerchief


Prepare the glass: Turn the glass upside-down and put it onto the sheet of colored paper. Take the pencil, draw around the glass and cut out the circle. Put a small amount of glue on the rim of the glass and place it on the paper cut-out. Let this dry thoroughly-- it should take at least a few hours. Then cut any extra paper away from the edges.

Now 'set the stage.' Put the second sheet of colored paper on the table-- everything will go on top of this. Put the glass onto the paper upside-down, over to one side. Keep the coin in your pocket and the handkerchief with you.

How to Perform

After you have set everything up, bring in the audience. Say, "I will make a coin magically disappear before your very eyes. Does someone have a coin I can use?" If someone has a coin, use it, but if not, bring out your own and say, "I have a coin with me, so we'll use this one."

Put the coin in the center of the paper. Pick up the handkerchief and say, "I will use the glass to make the coin vanish." Cover the glass and move the handkerchief and glass on top of the coin. Now take the handkerchief away-- the coin looks like it's gone! It's actually hidden under the paper that is glued to the glass. After a second, cover the glass again and move it away, into your magic box or put it away. The coin has returned!


When the trick is done, distract your audience by startinganother trick or ending the show. Don't let them look at theglass, because they'll see how you did the trick. Remember the Magician's Rules: Keep the secret a secret!




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