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Hi.  My name is Noah and Welcome to my page. My Mommy created this page for me when I was born way back in September of 1998.  Daddy found Blue’s Clues on TV and I have watched it since my very first day home from the Hospital.  Now 3 ½ years later … and I still love it as much as that very first day. 


I guess all of you have met Joe by now.  He seems like a very nice guy and is really funny, but he can never replace Steve.  I love you Steve.  Mommy has been reading a lot on the Internet trying to find out information about Steve.  You can look in Blue’s News and Steve Page for some recent additions that she has made.  She also found some articles on Joe … you can read those if you click HERE.  If you would like to E-mail Steve … here is the address to his personal website


We’ve gone through a lot of changes through these past years… adding some new pages, along with a little sister.  Mommy still hasn’t been able to create a website all of Sami’s own… she says Sami’s a higher maintenance baby than I was... so for now she is sharing mine.   I used to sit in my Airplane for hours while Mommy worked… Sami doesn’t do that.  She’s always climbing on something or eatin’ something she shouldn’t be… It’s a Big Job keepin’ Sami outta trouble.


We are going to try to update more often.  If any of you find out new information about the show or Steve, Email us and we will add it to our site. 


We have a website dedicated to our vacation in The Outerbanks that we took this past October so, if you want to see our Vacation pages… Click Here.


And…  don’t forget to check out Sami’s page… Mommy put some new pictures of her on it.  She’s really cute for a little sister.  


Have fun… and don’t forget to






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This site was created on August 24, 1999 and is dedicated to my adorable 'lil boy, Noah, who just loves his Blue's Clues.  It was last updated on March28, 2002.  Blue's Clues, Nickelodeon & Nick, Jr. are © and owned by Viacom, Inc. Neither myself, nor this web page are associated with any of the above entities in any way, nor do we wish to infer any association with the above entities. This web page was created solely because WE LOVE BLUE and want to show everyone how much.


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